What to Ask Doctors

Asking your doctor for help is a great first step to prepare for breastfeeding.

This will help you acquire valuable information and can significantly improve your breastfeeding experience. It is important that you find a healthcare professional who supports breastfeeding and is open to helping you face the challenges that may arise. 

Here is a list of questions to ask your doctor about breastfeeding:

  • What is skin-to-skin and how does it help me with breastfeeding?
  • Will I be able to hold my baby skin-to-skin right after birth? What if my baby is born early or if I have a cesarean delivery?
  • Are there staff at the hospital who can help me breastfeed my baby in the first hour after delivery, and later on too, if I need help?
  •  How do I make sure the hospital does not give my baby pacifiers or a bottle? Do I have to use a pacifier to keep my baby calm?
  •  How will my breasts change during my pregnancy? 
  • Should I change my diet or take vitamins? 
  • If my baby needs formula, will you show me different ways to feed it to my baby so I don’t have to use a bottle? 
  • If my baby needs formula, will the hospital staff or doctors speak with me before offering it to my baby?
  • Can I keep my baby in the room with me throughout my hospital stay?
  • Who can help me with breastfeeding after I leave the hospital?

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