About SHEA

The health and well-being of Black women are essential to the health of Black children, Black families, and Black communities, so we must do everything in our power to make healthy choices for ourselves and those we care about.

Who We Are

SHEA (Sharing Health Education and Awareness) is a targeted, community-centered approach focused on reducing health disparities and rates of chronic disease among Black women, babies, and families in Jackson, Hancock, Harrison, George, Pearl River, and Stone counties.  

This five-year effort, which is part of the Gulf Coast Healthy Families, Mothers, and Babies Initiative, is being led by the Mississippi Public Health Institute, Gulf Coast Healthy Communities Collaborative, and Coastal Family Health Center with support from a broad coalition of partners across the three-county area. The overall goal of the effort is to increase access to healthcare and sharing information about healthy behaviors among Black women.

What We Do

The primary goals of the campaign are: 

  • improving nutrition by providing support and encouragement for all aspects of breastfeeding
  • promoting tobacco-free lifestyles and smoke-free environments,
  • increasing referral and access to community-based health programs.

Campaign Partners

Mississippi Public Health Institute

The Mississippi Public Health Institute (MSPHI) is a nonprofit entity established in 2011 to protect and improve the health and well-being of Mississippians, serving as a partner and convener to promote health, improve outcomes and encourage innovations in health systems. MSPHI cultivates partnerships aimed at program innovation, health resources, education, applied research, and policy development.


Coastal Family Health Center

Coastal Family Health Center promotes healthy communities by providing accessible, quality primary healthcare services to all persons regardless of economic status. We accomplish this with competent and caring staff who work to meet and exceed expected standards for care and customer satisfaction.


Gulf Coast Healthy Communities Collaborative

Gulf Coast Healthy Communities Collaborative brings together partners across multiple sectors to catalyze data-driven action at the intersection of community development and health. Utilizing the Community ExCHANGE as a digital tool, we provide up-to-date local community health data and resources to assist our communities in becoming more resilient places that improve health and quality of life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Learn More

If you want to see what we have accomplished over the years, check out this infographic.