Together, we can uplift, encourage, and support one another to ensure we all have the information and resources we need to be healthy right now and well into the future.

SHEA (Sharing Health Education and Awareness) is a targeted, community-centered approach focused on reducing health disparities and rates of chronic disease among Black women. We were established in 2019 and served three counties: Jackson, Hancock, and Harrison. Since then, we have grown to add three additional counties- George, Pearl River, and Stone.

Our Focus Areas

We are focused on increasing access to healthcare and sharing information about healthy behaviors among Black women in four key areas.

Breastfeeding Is…

SHEA launched a new Digital Story Telling Series entitled “Breastfeeding Is…: Exploring the Journey of Breastfeeding for Black Mamas.” It features local women from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and their stories about breastfeeding. SHEA is excited to continue to share more stories from Black Mamas and those that support them while bringing awareness to the resources for breastfeeding women in their local community.

Sharing With

Our Sisters